Friday, April 9, 2010

Kyler's Belated Birthday Celebration

Instead of a birthday party this year, Kyler and his friend Alec decided to go to Da Rush - a wave similater. You can either ride a boogey board or a small surf board. They tried both. I think this was the second or third time they've been there. I think they enjoyed it. They fell an awful lot and I know Kyler was definitely sore the next day. Kyler taking a tumble and being sucked back up and over the top.
Kyler using the surf board. Each time he started getting pulled back he would lose his balance and take a tumble.

Hey look mom I'm up!

Using the boogey board. This is a lot easier to use. He starts out on his stomach, goes to his knees and then stands up on it.

This is his friend Alec. Alec is a surfer so I think this was a little bit easier for him.

The two boys waiting for their turn - must be talking strategy.

Alec using the board.
Here is a video of both riding the surf board. Kyler goes down fast and Alec rides it a little longer. Kyler did stay up longer than this - but I guess we don't have video of it.

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