Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Pulehu Chapel

The first missionaries to the Hawaiian islands were sent to Maui (I always thought it was Oahu) in 1850. George Q. Cannon and Joseph F. Smith. The first church was built in Kula and it is called Pulehu Chapel. The first baptism was performed about a mile from the chapel but it is on private land so you cannot see the site without special permission. Pulehu Chapel is not an official church historic site but they used to hold pageants at Pulehu Chapel - but not for awhile now. This picture was taken in about 1880. All of the Hawaiian LDS saints moved from Maui to the island of Lanai and then from there they all went to Laie, in Oahu where the temple and PCC is now.
I guess Kula is also famous for their three horned chameleons and one of the boys found one so we took pictures of it.

We went to Pulehu Chapel for a picnic with other ward members last Sunday. Another ward happened to be there doing the same thing and they had a couple there giving a presentation on the history of the chapel - it was very interesting.

Friday, April 24, 2009

5-Minute Homemaking Tips - Enrichment Activity

Last night we had an Enrichment Activity called 5-Minute Homemaking Tips. We had 10 people sign up to give a 5-minute homemaking tip. Two more people showed up with tips so we had a total of 12 presenters. The first two took longer than 5 minutes so we were trying to rush along but it was a lot of fun and tons of good information was shared. These were the 12 things we learned:
  • How to make dinner rolls (a fast and easy way)
  • How to plan dinner menus for the week
  • How to use your camera on your cell phone to make your grocery list
  • How to organize all your day to day papers in a binder
  • How to make a homemade teeth whitening solution
  • How to make wall hangings from pine boards
  • How to make an appetizer plate of tomatoes, cheese, basil, and avocados
  • How to enhance your reusable shopping bags (I did this one - I'll add pictures later)
  • How to quickly turn your rubber gloves inside out to dry
  • How to fold a fitted bed sheet, and then fold all together the fitted bed sheet, flat sheet and pillowcases
  • How to make chocolate chip cookie bars in less then five minutes (we timed her it only took her 2 1/2 minutes to get them mixed and into the pan)
  • How to clean all the germy items on an airplane (did you know people change their babies on the food trays)
We had a great time and we had a great turn out as well. At the end of the presentations we ate the rolls (that were baking during the presentations) with honey butter and we also ate the items on the appetizer tray. Since we didn't have time to bake the cookie bars, we all just put a scoop of cookie dough on our plates.

May is going to be "All Service Month" We have tons of things planned and I will add information about our meetings/activities as we do them. Our theme is "Mission Ispossible" And we are all going to be Secret Service Agents. I've had the song "Secret Service Man" playing in my head for about a week now as I've been planning our events!

My Math Grade So Far!

Well...as some of you know, I'm trying to go back to school. My first class I'm taking is a math class since you either have a math brain or you don't and I definitely do not. At first Richard kept telling me to drop the class to get our money back and then when that deadline passed, he started telling me I have to pass or the money we spent on the class was for nothing. Every Tuesday and Thursday I come home all stressed out trying to do my homework and studying for tests. So far I've been holding a steady "C." Last week we took our fourth and final test and I was majorly stressed over it. However, when I got my test back I got a 104% score! The last question was extra credit - I had actually answered all the questions right but I forgot to simplify one so she took off one point. So now....I currently have a B, that's right a B! Hooray for Me! All I have left is the final in May - I really, really, really hope I do good on the final. I hope all this stress wasn't for nothing. This is what my grade book says online:

Your Progress Summary: Your Homework average is 95.6% and your Test average is 80.4%.
Overall Score: You have earned 436.4 out of 528 for an overall score of 82.7%

Friday, April 17, 2009

Sea Glass

When my sister was here in January/February we were going all over the island trying to find out which beach to go to to find sea glass. We found a couple of pieces here and there - and probably had our best luck at Kamaole III. Come to find out the best sea glass was right in our own backyard (well right down the street). We walk the dogs everyday at Kalama Beach park down the street from our house. There is a little strip of beach there that no one really sunbaths on and one day Richard and I started looking around and found lots of sea glass. Now every day I fill my pocket with whatever sea glass or shells I find there. This was what I found the other morning after only looking for about 10 minutes (beats the hours we put in before for just a couple of pieces). I have no clue what I'm going to do with any of it - any ideas? Right now I'm just filling up a glass with sea glass and shells in my kitchen window sill.

More from Enrichment Activity - Straw Leis

Here is the picture of all of us with our leis on that we made.
Me and Louise with our fresh flower leis and flowers in our hair

Enrichment Activity - Straw Leis

For our Enrichment Activity last night I taught the sisters how to make leis from straws and yarn. We had a good time and everyone learned really quickly - it is pretty easy to do, just a little time consuming. Aunty Donna came and brought fresh plumerias for everyone to put intheir hair and she made two plumeria leis - they were so pretty and smelled soooo good. I absolutely love plumerias. She also showed us how to arrange multiple plumerias to wear in our hair - it was really cool.
Priscilla and Amy busy wrapping their straw leis.

Allison, Jesse and Marlo making leis. Marlo and Jesse are leaving on April 22 to go back to Arizona - we are really going to miss them.

Glenda, Louise and Barbra making leis.

This is Aunty Donna on the left and Aunty Paula on the right (see Donna's flowers in her hair)

Monday, April 13, 2009

Samantha/Aaron just emailed me some cute pictures of AJ - thought I would share. The top one he is wearing his new jacket, the second one is at the Hot Springs in Idaho, and the last one is his Easter outfit.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

We took June and Bret to a sacred healing Heiau. There is a great view of the whole island from there.
Then we went to the Maui Tropical Plantation. This is a picture of Kyler, me and Richard in front of some tropical plants.
Picture of me at the Maui Tropical Plantation next to a pineapple plant - see...I'm pointing to the baby pineapple.

My in-laws came to visit - May (mother-in-law), Bob (father-in-law), Bret (nephew), June (sister-in-law). This is them in front of our house. They are only here for three days - on their way to Oahu.

This is all of us when we picked them up from the airport. (me, Bob, May, Kyler, Bret, June and Richard). I made the leis. They are made from yarn, ribbon, and macadamia nuts.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Couple of Pictures

Here is a picture of me working at the Sugar Museum Gift Shop. I work there on Monday mornings from 10:00 - 1:00. It is a cute little museum and gift shop. The museum is dedicated to keep the history of the sugar cane in Hawaii and specifically Maui. The Pu'unene Sugar Mill (which is just across the street) is the last working sugar mill in Hawaii. The other picture was taken when my mom and and my sister were visiting in February. We all went to Kamole I Beach to watch the sunset. That is Kyler on the left and Richard on the right - yes that is right, Kyler is about four inches taller than Richard now!

Friday, April 3, 2009

It's My Birthday

Well it's my birthday today - April 3rd -I hit the big 46 today. I thought I would celebrate by learning how to set up a blog! I thought this would be a great way to stay in touch with all my friends and family back on the mainland. Tonight we celebrated my birthday by walking over to Fat Daddy's Smokehouse BBQ in Kihei. I really wanted some of their ribs and cornbread - it was just what I wanted, it was de-lish! Then we went to Local Boys shave ice stand and had shave ice for dessert. I thought I would be adventerous and order something different - I got rainbow. It was good but I should of stuck with my favorite, root beer and vanilla - you can never go wrong by ordering your favorite.