Monday, September 6, 2010

Youth Cultural Event II

My friend Suzy took some video of our Samoan dance. The dance was 10 minutes long and this is only 2:30 minutes. The energy was way high - I think it is one of those, "you had to be there to feel it" type of things. The best part of the dance (not shown) was when they all sat on the ground and did dance moves (way fast) and slapped the floor - which echoed throughout the building. It was way good.
Copy in the below to your browser to watch on you tube.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Youth Cultural Event

Kyler is 4th from the right, back row
Last weekend was our weekend long Stake Youth Cultural Event. Each ward was assigned a country - our ward was Samoa. Friday - make a display for your country and then food from your country for everyone to taste. I think our food was a hit - we had a huge line at our table. We made poni popo - homemade rolls with a coconut custard poured over top and sapa suey - long rice, corned beef and cabbage all mixed together. And then there was a dance afterward. Saturday everyone played a game from their country and then Saturday night each ward performed a 10 minute dance from their country. It was way good, and I would say our ward was the best but that would just make me sound prejudice. Sunday all the youth drove up to Pulehu (the first church building built in Hawaii - first baptism held near there as well) for a Sacrament/Fast and Testimony meeting - it is a very spiritual place. This is a picture of the young men before driving up to Pulehu.

Warren & Annabelle Magic Show

We went to the Warren and Annabelle Magic Show a couple of months ago with our friends Suzy and David. Suzy just sent me the pics so I thought I would post a couple. We went to dinner first and then to the show. It was so fun! It is a one man show - he does all slight of hand up close magic. He is so good and so funny. You laugh the entire time. And it is all clean jokes - that makes it even better.