Sunday, June 20, 2010

Pictures Taken In Georgia

These are the family pictures Chelsea took in Georgia. This is a picture of Amelia with her other grandparents, Lance and Gayla.
Three generations - Me, Samantha, and Amelia.
As you can tell by this shot AJ wanted absolutely nothing to do with this.

All AJ wanted to do was get in and play in the water.
Oh cute....What a cute family picture.
Oh cute couple : ) You'd never know she just had a baby three months ago.
Grandma and baby Amelia.

Back in Maui

Cynthia flew back with me to Maui. Pictures of us at Kalama Beach park.

I call this beach - treasure beach. You never know what you will find. Sometimes sea glass, sometimes drift wood, sometimes sea weed. As you can tell, it was a sea weed day.

Me and Cynthia on our daily walk with the dogs. Buddy loves to jump into the ocean to fetch the ball. Well, all Buddy ever thinks of is the ball. If you could listen in to Buddy's mind you would hear - ball, ball, ball...

Grandkids in California

Sahara and me in front of the new Japanese bakery - yummo! Cynthia, Sahara and I went to the Japanese bakery, the Japanese grocery store and the Japanese mochi store. wonder I gained weight on my vacation!
Little Lily in her bouncer. She was so sweet and fun. I loved spending time with her. The last time I saw her she was just born. She is growing up so fast. She definitely loves putting her toes in her mouth.
Charlie and I did the sidewalk chalk thing. I mainly drew while he looked for bugs. I swear, he knows "everything" about bugs. We called him the bug whisperer. He found a bee and played with it, let it crawl on him and everything. We told him it could of stung him and he said, "No, I told him I wouldn't hurt him so he knew I was nice and it didn't sting me." See...Bug Whisperer.

On to California - Charlie's Graduation

I was able to attend Charlie's pre-school graduation. Of course he was the cutest and best one there! Miss Cathy and Miss Aubrey put on a wonderful graduation for all the parents, grandparents and aunts and uncles to enjoy. You could tell it was a really great pre-school to attend.
They wore dog ears for the puppy song they sang - it was absolutely adorable.

Picture with grandma after the graduation. Charlie is all grown up now.

Mia in the Hospital

Poor Mia was drowning in congestion, stuffed up, and coughing the whole time I was there. But she was still such a good, happy baby. We ended up having to take her to the emergency room. They gave her some steroids to open up her airways and she had to do breathing treatments. But boy she sure looks cute in a hospital gown.

Amelia Sue's Baby Blessing

It was so neat to be there for Amelia's blessing. This blessing gown was originally crocheted for Aaron - but he turned out to be a boy! Then AJ, but surprise a boy again. Finally a girl. Aaron's grandfather hired a lady to hand crochet the whole outfit - hat, gown, booties, and blanket. It was adorable.
Amelia Sue, isn't she precious.

Me, the proud grandma holding little baby Mia.

More Georgia Pictures

Aaron graduated from Navy Supply School while I was in Georgia. I spent most of my time during the ceremony running around the outside of the building chasing after AJ - I told you, no off button.
Amelia all dressed up and ready to go on her photo shoot. Chelsea lives in Georgia now too! She was there to take family pictures - I'll post some of those too. They turned out sooooo good.
Aaron told AJ to pick his nose - with both fingers for this classic shot.

Strawberry Picking In Georgia

Cute picture of Aaron, Sam, AJ and well kind of a cute picture of baby Mia.
One of the fun things we did while I was in Georgia was picking strawberries. They were so ripe and so yummy. It was one for the bucket and one for my mouth.
AJ picked for a little bit but had more fun running up and down and up and down the rows of strawberries. That kid has no off button...just run, run, run.
Look at all my berries! Sam and I made strawberry jam. It turned out a little runny - I told her we had to make it the "real" way - no pectin : ) Shoot, I forgot to bring some home with me...maybe she'll bring some to Maui in her luggage.