Sunday, October 4, 2009

2nd Speech

Here is my second speech. Fast forward to me at about 5:15 (there are about five people on this video). We were supposed to watch our introduction speech and then do a "Bad" speech. So anything we did wrong in the first speech we had to really exaggerate in this one. As you can see...I said a lot of "and ums" and every time I looked down to advance the slide my voice dropped so I really exaggerated all in this video - these are pretty funny.

Public Speaking at Maui Community College

This was my first speech for my Public Speaking class at school. I took this class because it is a requirement for the Liberal Arts degree and I had hoped it would be easy for me (I only did this for how many years!) Well it's been kind of tough because the teacher wants you to do everything his way...which of course isn't my way. This was our first speech, we each had to introduce one of our classmates. The first part of the video is about two minutes long - its of me introducing Mark, the second half is Mark introducing me.

Cynthia's Visit to Maui III

Picture of Cynthia after she arranged flowers she found in the yard.

We learned how to make tile coasters at Enrichment night. We made some so I could sell them at the Sugar Museum Gift shop. (As of Oct. 1st, I have sold six of them.) This the the Hawaiian Quilt pattern.

These are the honu coasters (turtles).

Richard took Cynthia to LaPerouse one day while I was at school. It's a really neat place - the last lava flow, from the last eruption (about 200 years ago). The water is so blue there.
A little mini hermit crab in her hand.
A man throwing his fising net out.
A picture of Cynthia take a picture.
Me and Cynthia at the airport. Her vacation is over : (

Our Vacation to California - Sacramento Temple

We went to the temple to do baptisms for the dead. Pictured: Kyler, Codey, Jennifer, her husband Rodney, and another son Jay (Jay has since received his mission call to Billings Montana).

Me in the picture this time.

Codey and Kyler - two sharp looking future missionaries

Eating, Shopping, Visiting and Antiquing

At my mom's house. Mom and Cynthia.
Cynthia's little bischon/poodle - Yuki.

Cynthia and I spent every minute together going antiquing in all the little gold minining towns aroung the Sacramento area. It was so fun. This is the town of Amador.

This is me in Sutter Creek. I love Sutter Creek it is such a cute little town. Richard took me there for my 30th birthday (many moons agon) and we stayed in a bed and breakfast.

We did a lot of eating while we were in CA. Yummmmy. This is us in front of Akibono's. Finally some good Japanese food. Pictured: AJ, Aaron, Samantha, Charlie, Sahara, Mom, and Cynthia.

AJ playing ball in Target. Yes, I went to Target too - to cure my Target craving.
More eating. Aaron and Kyler at Mizu - more yummy Japanese food. It is a huge asian buffet.
Me and Charlie at the park near his house.

4th of July Breakfast

Auburn III Ward Annual 4th of July Breakfast. It was nice to be there again. This is my friend Annette Udall with Jennifer.
My family - Sahara, AJ, Samantha and Aaron.
Kyler pushing Charlie on the swing.
Some of Jennifer's family. All her girls came for the summer with their families. Pictured: Ben, LaDonna and Melissa.

4th of July Night and AJ's 1st B-Day Party

Samantha and Aaron and the birthday boy!
Grandma with the big birthday boy.
Uncle Kyler too.
My mom and my brother, Aaron.

Cynthia's son David, in his room doing his video thing like usual.
Cynthia with her husband John. The party was held at their house.
AJ with his mini birthday cake that Cynthia made for him.

Go ahead, you can touch it.
Cynthia's older son Jared, his wife Adelita and their daughter Amaya. She will never let me take a picture of her so I took it with her hands over her face anyway.

Out front doing fireworks. This is my grandson Charley doing a sparkler.

Sacramento Airport

Our vacation is over : ( Me, Kyler, and May (Richard's mom) at the Sacramento Airport.

Me and Kyler. May made Kyler a candy lei for the trip.

Kyler and Cynthia. We are on our way home to Hawaii now. At least the layover in Seattle is only two hours this time!

Jan, Jennifer and Codey Going Home

Lovely picture of me. But had to show. This is how we spent every night...playing dominos.
Richard's favorite pizza place - Pizza Madness.

Last pictures of their trip.

They're going home.

It took so long for June to get here - we had counted down the days and now the week is already over. We had so much fun. Now we have to start the count down for next year when they come and visit with us again!

Pulehu Chapel and Haleakala Sunset

On Sunday we went for a picnic lunch at Pulehu Chapel.

This is the inside of the chapel.

Me, Jan, and Jennifer on the front steps.

We then drove up to Haleakala for the sunset. We stopped about 3/4 of the way up to one of the lookouts.
Me and Richard. Yes, he is usally with us but you never see him since he is taking all the pictues.

View from the lookout.

View of the parking lot at the top of Haleakala from the lookout there. 10,000+ feet.

Here we are at the top. Codey kept making Jennifer freak out by going over to the edge. It's a long way down!

Inside the lookout at the top.
Sunset above the clouds.