Monday, April 5, 2010

More West Maui Mountains Trip

One of the hikes you can do - don't know how you would go up other than straight up. We just walked around the base and out toward the ocean.

There were more strange rock formations there too.

The last town is famous for their banana bread. We were told to stop at "Lorraine's" for the best bread. We got shave ice too. That's the other Lorraine in the picture.

This is the church in that town - it is very famous since so many people have taken pictures of it.

Richard's commentary is pretty funny. There is a giant boulder on the side of the road called the Bellstone. It is supposed to sound just like a bell if you hit it in the right spot. I tried, as you will see but with no success. It did sound hollow once, but I never heard the ringing of the bell - I guess no angels received their wings with this beating of the rock (like on It's A Wonderful Life).

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  1. Maybe if you used something other than a twig it might have rung? Just a thought
    Aaron the first