Sunday, October 4, 2009

Cynthia's Visit to Maui III

Picture of Cynthia after she arranged flowers she found in the yard.

We learned how to make tile coasters at Enrichment night. We made some so I could sell them at the Sugar Museum Gift shop. (As of Oct. 1st, I have sold six of them.) This the the Hawaiian Quilt pattern.

These are the honu coasters (turtles).

Richard took Cynthia to LaPerouse one day while I was at school. It's a really neat place - the last lava flow, from the last eruption (about 200 years ago). The water is so blue there.
A little mini hermit crab in her hand.
A man throwing his fising net out.
A picture of Cynthia take a picture.
Me and Cynthia at the airport. Her vacation is over : (

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