Sunday, October 4, 2009

Swinging Bridges

We all went to Swinging Bridges. It is a hike that has two bridges made out of boards and cable wires. It was kind of scary. My friend Glenda took us since she had been there before. It is about a 45 minute to an hour hike in. The whole time in you keep thinking I have to go back out the same way - over those bridges! This is Jennifer going over the first bridge.

Jan is in front, Glenda's behind her.
As you can see the bridges put a huge amount of fear into Kyler and Codey.
"Look Mom No Hands."

I made them pose for the camera.
The second bridge.
At the end of the hike you end up at a man made waterfall. The first step is a 10 foot jump, the second a 12 foot jump and the top a 14 foot jump. Of course the boys had no problem running up and jumping off the top. This is Kyler.

Here's Codey. It's the walking in the air jump.

I actually jumped. This was my second jump. The first time I had Kyler hold my hand and jump with me : ) As you can see I have a firm grip on my nose.

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