Sunday, October 4, 2009

Eating, Shopping, Visiting and Antiquing

At my mom's house. Mom and Cynthia.
Cynthia's little bischon/poodle - Yuki.

Cynthia and I spent every minute together going antiquing in all the little gold minining towns aroung the Sacramento area. It was so fun. This is the town of Amador.

This is me in Sutter Creek. I love Sutter Creek it is such a cute little town. Richard took me there for my 30th birthday (many moons agon) and we stayed in a bed and breakfast.

We did a lot of eating while we were in CA. Yummmmy. This is us in front of Akibono's. Finally some good Japanese food. Pictured: AJ, Aaron, Samantha, Charlie, Sahara, Mom, and Cynthia.

AJ playing ball in Target. Yes, I went to Target too - to cure my Target craving.
More eating. Aaron and Kyler at Mizu - more yummy Japanese food. It is a huge asian buffet.
Me and Charlie at the park near his house.

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