Friday, April 17, 2009

Enrichment Activity - Straw Leis

For our Enrichment Activity last night I taught the sisters how to make leis from straws and yarn. We had a good time and everyone learned really quickly - it is pretty easy to do, just a little time consuming. Aunty Donna came and brought fresh plumerias for everyone to put intheir hair and she made two plumeria leis - they were so pretty and smelled soooo good. I absolutely love plumerias. She also showed us how to arrange multiple plumerias to wear in our hair - it was really cool.
Priscilla and Amy busy wrapping their straw leis.

Allison, Jesse and Marlo making leis. Marlo and Jesse are leaving on April 22 to go back to Arizona - we are really going to miss them.

Glenda, Louise and Barbra making leis.

This is Aunty Donna on the left and Aunty Paula on the right (see Donna's flowers in her hair)

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