Friday, April 17, 2009

More from Enrichment Activity - Straw Leis

Here is the picture of all of us with our leis on that we made.
Me and Louise with our fresh flower leis and flowers in our hair


  1. Hi Loraine,
    you look great and HAPPY! I knew ya'll would hit the ground running and be involved in everything. We miss you here, and hope to come to Maui soon! (like in the next year or so...)
    take care,

  2. We would love to see you guys and take you all around. Jennifer, Codey, and Jan are coming for a week in June - I can't wait to see them! Then Kyler and I are coming to CA for three weeks after that - it will almost be one whole year since I've been in CA - I'm getting pretty excited for that too. So...see you in a couple of months.