Friday, April 17, 2009

Sea Glass

When my sister was here in January/February we were going all over the island trying to find out which beach to go to to find sea glass. We found a couple of pieces here and there - and probably had our best luck at Kamaole III. Come to find out the best sea glass was right in our own backyard (well right down the street). We walk the dogs everyday at Kalama Beach park down the street from our house. There is a little strip of beach there that no one really sunbaths on and one day Richard and I started looking around and found lots of sea glass. Now every day I fill my pocket with whatever sea glass or shells I find there. This was what I found the other morning after only looking for about 10 minutes (beats the hours we put in before for just a couple of pieces). I have no clue what I'm going to do with any of it - any ideas? Right now I'm just filling up a glass with sea glass and shells in my kitchen window sill.


  1. Hi Loraine...i'm so jealous because i'm a lover of sea glass and collect whenever I can. My grandmother, who lived at the beach in San Diego, used to make the most amazing mosaics with all the glass she would find, and glass windows. not even sure how to go about making it, but it would be awesome to collect a bunch and then create something cool

  2. so i saw on this show its called treasure hunter or something and its this lady who goes all over the US looking for rare stones and whatnots. one of the things she did was look for sea glass in sanfran. they said the rarest is red and orange and can actually be worth a lot of money. i couldn't tell if you had red in there. but if you do you could look into that!