Friday, April 24, 2009

My Math Grade So Far! some of you know, I'm trying to go back to school. My first class I'm taking is a math class since you either have a math brain or you don't and I definitely do not. At first Richard kept telling me to drop the class to get our money back and then when that deadline passed, he started telling me I have to pass or the money we spent on the class was for nothing. Every Tuesday and Thursday I come home all stressed out trying to do my homework and studying for tests. So far I've been holding a steady "C." Last week we took our fourth and final test and I was majorly stressed over it. However, when I got my test back I got a 104% score! The last question was extra credit - I had actually answered all the questions right but I forgot to simplify one so she took off one point. So now....I currently have a B, that's right a B! Hooray for Me! All I have left is the final in May - I really, really, really hope I do good on the final. I hope all this stress wasn't for nothing. This is what my grade book says online:

Your Progress Summary: Your Homework average is 95.6% and your Test average is 80.4%.
Overall Score: You have earned 436.4 out of 528 for an overall score of 82.7%

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