Friday, May 15, 2009

Kihei Ward Nursery Baby Shower Continued

Nikki cleaning a toy
Me playing the cotton ball game - I did not win : (

My baby shower cake I made. I was craving coconut cake so that is what I made. You bake a white cake and then poke holes in it. Mix cream of coconut and condensed milk together and pour all over. Once it is cooled, you frost it and sprinkle coconut on top, it's yummy. The little booties are made out of marshmellows and royal frosting.

For one of the games we had to make babies out of Hubba Bubba bubble gum. Suzy's was cute, she used the wrapper for a diaper and a blanket - very clever.
This is the after picture (I wish I had thought to take a before). Suzy organized everything after we cleaned it. She is so great! She cleaned the closet while we cleaned the toys. There was cockroaches and cockroach poop and eggs....yuck (the joys of living in Hawaii). One even got in her hair while she was cleaning (better her than me!) Louise squished a giant one and took it out guts and all in a paper towel - they must come from pioneer stock : )

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  1. These pics are all great! Good on you for posting them so quickly! I still don't know what was in my hair? i need to ask Louise.:0)Gross! So glad we got to do this for the nursery! Thanks for all you do Loraine. You are awesome!