Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day in Maui

Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there. It was so nice to go to church today because Kyler gave me a lei to wear for Mother's Day! Then my visiting teaching partner Paula gave me one and also one of the sisters we visit, Donna gave me one too! They all smelled so good. As soon as we got home I had Kyler take my picture with all my flowers.

Some how I was nominated to provide floral arrangements for the chapel today. So Richard and I cut some ginger from the Bishop's yard and the bird of paradise from around the church grounds yesterday. Then this morning I picked some yellow hibiscus from my yard and picked some greenery and white flowers from behind the church and arranged them all. I'm definitely not a floral arranger but all the tropical flowers here are so beautiful they look good no matter who puts them together. Richard stuck the rose in the middle - each mother received a rose as they walked into church this morning.
This is how I spent my day today. Sitting on my lanai reading a good book with my Buddy.


  1. I feel relaxed just looking at you and the flowers. is nice in Maui!

  2. that looks like a very nice day. we were able to walk to chuch too but sadly that was the only good day we have had this week. now its thunderstormes and 40 mph winds! i hate idaho!
    oh and about sentsy...i'm currently not allowing you to order anything because i am going to throw a scentsy party in california and you'll get free shipping. if you buy it online from my website you'll have to pay 20% shipping (usually only 10% but hawaii and alaska is 20%) so you'll just have to wait!