Sunday, May 10, 2009

The month of May is "all service month" for Enrichment. We had a potluck to kick it off - let the service begin! Everyone has stickers on because I "deputized" everyone as Secret Service Agents. We did a skit where "Secret Service Agents" helped out and we played the song - Secret Service Man (that song is still playing in my head). I'm so bummed I forgot to have someone take pictures during the skit, I really wanted a picture of my three Secret Service Agents when they were all dressed up. We played a game at the end where everyone brought three things in a bag that "told about them" and then each person grabbed a bag (not their own of course) and had to pull the items out and try to guess who the owner of the bag was. It was so fun we all laughed at the different items people thought to bring - we also learned a lot about people we didn't know. Below are some pictures I took during the potluck.
I'm sure Allison will be soo glad I posted this on my blog!
This is Ashley, Chris (the Bishop's wife) and Glenda (1st counselor in RS). Ashley is Chris' daughter - she is visiting from Utah. She just graduated from college as a dance major and is going to start a new job as a dance teacher at a middle school in Utah.

This is Teresa (she works at the Grand Wailea - she is the one that got us the great rooms for Kyler's 14th birthday), next to her is Liping. She is originally from China and she is smart :0 ) She is a teacher at the local community college (another smart college teacher like my friend Jan). And in the pink is Rebecca. She made a killer curry that I loved.

In back is Sis. T. I can spell or pronounce her name. She is one of our sister missionaries and she is from Mongolia. Nikki is in red, she is the second counselor in RS. Next to her is the investigator the sister missionaries brought and next to her is Sis. Holm (she's from Utah - aren't they all!). And in front is Suzy - my lifesaver! She's on my enrichment committee and I couldn't do any of my activities without her!

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  1. Awww,thanks Loraine! I couldn't do this without you either! You are always full of enthusiasm and positiveness! is that a word? :0)Thanks again for magnifying your calling to the fullest! Check out my blog too-