Sunday, May 3, 2009

Last Week's Happenings

Tuesday was our monthly Ensign Club meeting and it was held at Louise Wittern's house. We had fun discussing April's issue of the Ensign even though we got off track a couple of times : ) We had fun socializing and snacking. There was about 10 of us and the missionaries brought an investigator as well. I made my Carmel popcorn and I of course ate more than my share! I met with my counselor at school on Thursday and figured out what classes I needed to sign up for in the fall. I'm going to take 15 credits (five classes) so I will be going full time. We'll see if I can do it. I'm going to take a math class, an English class, a history class, a speech class and a Hawaiian studies class (which satisfies three mandatory classes). Richard started a new job. He is working for ACE Medical. They pick up the lab samples from the doctors/hospitals and package them and then take them to the airport. It's a part time job just to bring in a few extra bucks. He really likes his boss and the guy he worked with so it should be good. In fact his new boss kept asking him questions about the church and so on Friday before she flew back to Oahu (she lives in Oahu) he gave her a Book of Mormon. He is a way better member missionary than I will ever be. Kyler went on a hike to Haleakala on Friday with the Boy Scouts. They had to hike four miles into the crater and then set up camp. The next day they hike two miles to the lava tubes and after breaking down camp had to hike the four miles back out to the cars. So a total of 10 miles - back packs, sleeping bags, tents and all. Oh to be young again. They all had a good time, however, they all returned very tired and sunburned - even Kyler who claims he never burns. I'll post pictures as soon as we get copies.

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  1. hey i forgot to tell you about my ensign i was going to quit it cuz nobody was showing up or seemed intrested but i decided to do it one last month and i had four girls come and it was probably the best one ever! we spent the majority of the time disscussing the atonement and how it effects our lives. i chalk it all up to this new girl who moved into the ward, she is a recent covert and really got the conversation going. and then on sunday she bore her testimony on how much she enjoyed and appreciated it. i think i want her to be my new best friend! so i'm glad i did it and will probably keep it going!