Saturday, May 30, 2009

Po'olenalena Beach

Richard and I tried a new beach this week - Po'olenalena. We had heard that it is one of the more less known beaches and not many people go there. That must be true because there was a lot of sea life on the rocks and along the beach. There were only about 10 cars in the lot and there were probably only a few other families on the beach. Richard went snorkeling while I went through my cookbooks trying to figure out what to cook for the Ward potluck we were having later that night.The opihi's were so cute. They were stuck all over the rocks right on the beach. Usually you have to go out into the water and see them on the rocks there. They looked like they had little hats on and as soon as they "felt" your presence they would pull their "hats/shells" down tight and stick to the rocks - so you couldn't even pry them off.
I was just amazed by all the opihi's on the shore.
There were huge cowrie shells on the rocks as well. They were bigger than my fist. Richard said he sees them out in the ocean all the time, bigger than these but it was the first time I saw a live one this big before.

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